About This Course

This 5 Days training is suitable for any style of yoga teachers or yoga practitioners who want to learn to guide students to remove habitual pattern, to unwind the tension in poses and use breath to feel the shifts inside. You will also learn to adjust yourself to delve deeper on your practice. Enhance your seeing skills to spot habitual pattern and tensions. Learn injury prevention. 

What you will get:

  1. Life time access to the course
  2. 2 Mentoring call for answering all your questions and reviewing your technique.
  3. You will credited 35 hour credit towards 300 Hour Forrest Yoga Certification (once all the homework completed)

If you would like to pay with Installment please contact: [email protected]


  • What’s the difference between Forrest Yoga Hands on Assist with Others?

    We use safe and effective hands on adjustments, prioritizing and tailoring them to create profound and freeing changes in the students

  • Is this course certified by Yoga Alliance?

    Yes, this course is counted your progress achieving your 300hr with Forrest Yoga and Yoga Alliance

  • Is there any test in the end of the training?

    There won’t be any test to pass this course, however you should attend this training 100% and do all the assignments to get certified

  • Which language will this course be delivered?

    This course will be delivered in English and Bahasa or Full English (depends on participants). Translation will be provided.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Welcome!

    • Homework

  2. 02
    • Ceremony Day 1

    • Morning Practice Day 1

  3. 03
    • 1 - Talking Circle

    • 2 - Hands on Assist Guidelines

    • 3 - Easy Pose

    • 4 - Elbow to Knee

    • 5 - Bridge

    • 6 - Downdog

    • 7 - Lunge

    • 8 - Cobra

    • 9 - Dolphin & Dolphin 1 leg up

    • 10 - Downdog and Dolphin on the Wall

    • 11 - Downdog on the Wall to Handstand

    • 12 - Warrior 1

    • 13 - Warrior 2

    • 14 - Pigeon

    • 15 - Savasana

  4. 04
    • Day 2 Morning Session

  5. 05
    • 1 - Seeing Skills Stage 1

    • 2 - Seated Side Bend 1 Leg Straight

    • 3 - Abs with Roll

    • 4 - Twisted Root Abs

    • 5 - Dolphin Prelude

    • 6 - Chest Opener on the Wall

    • 7 - Bakasana

    • 8 - Bakasana to Handstand (mixed)

    • 9 - Triangle

    • 10. Ekapada Bakasana

    • 11 - Inchworm & Oil Rigger

    • 12 - Kick up to Handstand

    • 13 - Kyte Hawk

    • 14 - Frog Belly Down

    • 15 - QnA

  6. 06
    • Day 3 Morning Practice

  7. 07
    • 1 - Pranayama

    • 2 - Diaphragm Release

    • 3 - Seated Twist

    • 4 - Frog Lifting Through

    • 5 - Straddle Lifting Through

    • 6 - Bridge Over the Block Series

    • 7 - Suns

    • 8 - Twisting Lunge

    • 9 - Pyramid

    • 10 - Easy Twisting Triangle

    • 11 - Lying Down Spinal Twist

  8. 08
    • Book a Mentoring Session

  9. 09
    • Day 4 Morning Session

  10. 10
    • 1 - Pranayama and QnA

    • 2 - Seated Side Bend in Knee Pile

    • 4 - Star Spiral Pulse

    • 5 - Flash Prep

    • 6 - Bird Wings

    • 7 - Flashing Arrow

    • 8 - 1/2 Moon

    • 9 - 1/4 Moon

    • 10 - Vertical Splits

    • 11 - Twisting Pigeon Towards Thigh and Foot

    • 12 - Head to Ankle

    • 13 - Warm Down

    • 14 - QnA

    • 3 - Forward Bend 1 Leg Straight

  11. 11
    • Day 5 Morning Session

  12. 12
    • 1 - Pranayama

    • 1 - Q n A

    • 2 - Seeing Skills Stage 2

    • 3 - Warm Up

    • 4 - Shoulder Shrugs

    • 5 - Lounge Lunge

    • 7 - Camel

    • 6 - Extended Warrior Variation

    • 8 - Phoenix

    • 9 - Cobra Over the Roll & Cobra Push Up Over the Roll

    • 10 - Bow Over The Roll

    • 11 - Bow Over The Roll with a Strap

    • 12 - Lounge Lizard with a Roll

    • 13 - Reclined Hip Sequence

    • 14 - Closing Ceremony

  13. 13
    • Head to Ankle Prep

    • Head to Ankle Prep other side

    • Dolphin 1 leg up

    • Dolphin & Dolphin 1 leg up

    • Dancer with a strap

    • Giddy up

    • Suns

    • B-Series

    • Pigeon

    • Triangle

    • Bridge

  14. 14
    • Book a Mentoring Session

What the students say:

“Ricky's online Forrest Yoga Hands-on Assists CET course was so informative and super fun! After being hands-off for so long during peak pandemic, it was wonderful to have not only a refresher but to increase my skillset of therapeutic and supportive touch for my students. My little yoga community is now once again eagerly accepting my assists with great enthusiasm! Taking this course was also integral in more confidently assisting workshops with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco in 2022. The long luxurious morning intensives helped me to reconnect with myself and my own practice, and I loved the playfulness that often came through in Ricky's teaching and the dynamics of the group who was there in person - it made me feel connected to everyone even through a recording. The videos to learn the various assists were clear and easy to understand, and I appreciate that they're separated by individual pose since this made it super simple to navigate and use the course. It was also incredibly helpful to be able to rewind and re-watch as many times as I needed to better understand and absorb what I may have missed the first time! I will definitely be returning to these videos (as long as I have access) to refresh my memory in the future too. I highly recommend this course, but do be sure to arrange to work with a yoga buddy for the duration of the course so that you have someone to practice on!”

Graduate Student

Sarah Nelson

“At the turn of the pandemic, when so much was moving into the digital world the idea of continuing to build my foundation for a beautiful Forrest Yoga life made my heart sink. But, the community that is Forrest Yoga, with it’s heart-led practices quickly changed all that for me as I accessed training with fellow Forrest Yogis from landscapes across the globe. Ricky Saptura has been part of my continued learning since my first continued training online, and doing his 35-hour CET ‘Hands on Assist’ seemed like a natural way forward. I treated the pre-recorded session exactly the same as if I was taking a training: Ceremony and Forrest Yoga in the morning. Short sharp lunch break, followed by learning and practising in the afternoon. Homework in the evening. It also meant I was able to completely work the course around me and when I had windows of time. The pre-recorded session allows you to step back and soak in Ricky’s wisdom whenever you need. Ricky’s online Hands on Assist held fabulous space for me to learn, to heal my own injuries with his hands-on-assists as well as grow into a better teacher from within the walls of my own home. I could rewind, rewatch, redo to my heart’s content. It is a self-guided journey but Ricky is at hand at the end of the phone, zoom, WhatsApp, lending guidance, feedback and advice. Ricky and his students demonstrated the assists from various angles, using hands-on-tactile cues, clearly conveying effective instructions. We all learn differently, and Ricky uses multiple approaches to teaching the hands-on-assist encyclopaedia in his recorded classes, leaving you feeling confident in your ability as a Forrest Yoga teacher. If I had any questions, I’d ping Ricky and email, and within hours (even with the time difference between Europe and the Far East!) Ricky had scheduled a Zoom meeting to talk things through. I’m really fond of Aristotle’s quip, “the more you know, the more you know there is to know,” and I’ll be sure to keep learning with Ricky, recorded or live, as his way of teaching is inspired, fresh and transformational – even through the online recordings it is evident how so much of Ricky’s teaching is derived from listening, watching, sensing the students in the room with him. Ricky is passionate about teaching, and whether you are working live with him, or via a recorded CET, he devotes himself to his students, interacting and engaging to the fullest of his knowledge and skills. I have felt incredibly supported in this CET and I am enjoying being able to revisit some of the more challenging Hands on Assists that we don’t often get to incorporate in regular classes. Thank you, Ricky, for enabling me to be able to put such a great, supportive and wonderful tool into my Forrest Yoga toolbox.”

Graduate Student

Symi Fuchs

“I could not be any happier for the training. The morning practices are engaging and super fun. The afternoon classes are very thorough. The videos are clear and the explanations remarkable. What I have loved the most is the possibility to watch the same video multiple times to understand and memorise better each adjustment. Highly suggested to anyone.”

Graduate Student

Stefano Boldi

“Ricky's Hands on Assist on Demand CET brought me so much fun and excitement as I would have in person. I was thrilled that he kept it fully scheduled with a morning ceremony and long yoga practice, followed by an asana tutorial in the group, it made it a very In-Person experience from the videos. Ricky's clear visual and verbal hands on assist clinic was easy to follow and practice in person with my students. These 5 days grew my knowledge and experience of hands-on assistance on asanas that I haven't done much and upgraded my confidence in asanas I already practice. I have learned new variations of hands on assist. I honed safety for my own body position while giving hands on assistance. On top of above it refined my skills of organising my daily routine and scheduling students for the day. Having this CET recorded I can keep it for a lifetime, it means I can come back to it at any time I wish to feel Ricky's passion for teaching and Forrest yoga community support. This is a great 5 days to spend learning, I highly recommend it!”

Graduate Student


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