Practice with Ricky

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  1. 01
    • Pick a Need That Wants to Be Prioritised

    • To Listen to Your Inner Wisdom - Hip Opening

  2. 02
    • Intro to Forrest Yoga Day 1

    • Intro to Forrest Yoga Day 2

    • Intro to Forrest Yoga Day 3

    • Intro to Forrest Yoga Day 4

    • Intro to Forrest Yoga Day 5

    • Intro to Forrest Yoga Day 6

  3. 03
    • Split Challenge Day 1

    • Split Challenge Day 2

    • Split Challenge Day 3

    • Split Challenge Day 4

    • Split Challenge Day 5

    • Split Challenge Day 6

  4. 04
    • Unfurl Your Spine

    • To feel luxurious in your body

    • Breathe to Your Hips

    • Waking Up Your Energy

    • Celebrate Your Life

    • Steady Your Breath

    • Feel Your Center

    • I am enough

    • Therapeutic Backbend - I am enough

    • Pick a Spot that Needs Healing

    • To Have Fun

    • To connect with the strength with in you

    • To let go the expectation of what a pose should look like

    • To Find Softness in the Pose

    • To pick a spot in your spine that needs attention of breath

    • To Use the highest quality of your breath to heal your spot

    • Reconnect with Your Spirit

    • To keep your heart Open

    • Free Up Your Spine

    • Rejuvenate Your Body

    • To Unfurl the Back Ribs

    • To Let Go One of Your Bullshit

    • To Respect Your Body

    • To Heal Neck, Shoulders, and Upper back (Shoulder Focus)

    • To nurture your heart with your own breath (backbend)

    • To Drop Your Shield - Backbend

    • To Bring Joy to Your Own Practice

    • Struggle Free - Hip Opener

    • To Feel the Ground Force Reaction - Hip Opener

    • To Listen to Your Own Heart Truth

    • Celebrate Your Own Life - Twist

    • Redesign your practice (Backbend) - Demoed by Vera

    • To Let Go The Things That Hurt You - Backbend (Demoed by Giulia)

    • To Unlock Neck, Hips, Shoulders - Over All Class

  5. 05
    • To Not Overthink

    • Choose a spot to let go

    • To connect with your feeling

    • Connect to Your Root

    • To Have a Courageous Heart

    • To find balance within yourself

    • Reconnect with your spot

    • To Embody Your Spirit

    • To feel the expansion in your heart

    • To pick a spot on your Neck / Shoulders / Hips

    • To Generate Pleasure

    • To Feel Full

    • To Unlock Your Own Potential (Twist & Inversion)

    • Bring Kindness into your hips

    • To Feel Strong (Gravity Surfing)

    • Heal your spine (Backbend)

    • To Celebrate Your Own Uniqueness - Hip Opener

    • To Connect With Your Spirit - Backbend

    • To Listen to Your Inner Wisdom - Hip Opening

  6. 06
    • Knee Care

    • Shoulder Care

    • Back Care

    • Pick a Need That Wants to Be Prioritised (Demoed by Jillan)


“From the first moment I felt very welcome, and I loved the lightness and play you brought into the sequences, and appreciate your cues, and ability to hold a range of abilities. I was definitely nervous at first, because I have limited range of movement and you’re super-flexible! Of course, that nervousness was an old habit, and the way you teach really helped me get out of my own way. I appreciate the combination of accessible postures and range of apex poses. I think I was able to accept my own body’s truth and feel confident to adapt rather than try to attain a pose. I feel more sensation and response in my lower back, and an easing of tension in my neck. The cue to pull my lower ribs down while in inversions has stayed with me, and feel I can access my core for stability more.”

Sarah Riseborough

“I really enjoy this challenge even if I did not be able to follow it in live. The pace and progression were very good . Honestly I felt safe. I really enjoyed the variety of poses and I felt so at ease. Your abs rock 🤣🤣 to my point of view they are more "fire". I love when you stop to drink. We have always forgotten drinking. So good reminder! ”

Caro Lespi

“Ricky's extensive knowledge of yoga and bodywork, compassion and gentle humour make every session fun and accessible to everyone regardless of age, ability or disability. I would not hesitate to attend any of Ricky's trainings and regular classes”

Wendy Goodbarn

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