Breathwork meditation is a practice that combines Music, Rhythmic Breathing and Meditation. It designed to help you become very efficient using oxygen and build a tolerance to Carbon Dioxide.


  • Encourage you to breathe through the nose
  • Slowdown your breathing to less than 10 breaths per minute
  • Releasing tension in the body
  • Achieving heart coherence and help the body functioning at its most efficient way
  • Reduce anxiety, help become relaxed yet energised.
  • Become less emotionally reactive
  • and many more

Week 1: You will start to notice of your Breath Hold Time. The meditation will focus on down regulate your nervous systems as well as to help you go into deep sleep.

Week 2: In this week, you will start to introduced to Intermittent Hypoxia State so that your tolerance of Carbon Dioxide will be increased.

Week 3: In this week, you are ready to receive SOMA Daily Dose meditation that will change your life!

You will get life time access to the recording

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Zoom Link

    • What to Prepare

  2. 02
    • Intro to Breathwork - Day 1 (Full)

    • Intro to Breathwork - Day 1 (Meditation Only)

    • Intro to Breathwork - Day 2 (Full)

    • Intro to Breathwork - Day 2 (Meditation Only)

    • Intro to Breathwork - Day 3 (Full)

    • Intro to Breathwork - Day 3 (Meditation Only)


Instructor Bio:

is a Forrest Yoga teacher and Yoga Bodyworker in Indonesia. He is passionate about improving quality of life by reducing pain and getting more energy. Ricky uses yoga, bodywork and his own essential oil blends as a preventative to disease and discomfort.

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