Private Yoga Session

Individual or Group online or in person: starting from $100

You can up level your yoga practice with Ricky whenever it suitable for you. Within this 60-90 mins session Ricky will tailored the class based on your needs. If you have any specific issue like shoulder pain, back pain, scoliosis or any other issue then this session is what you are looking for!

The session will be focusing on to remove your compensation pattern so that you can practice on or off mat with ease.

Bodywork Session

Bodywork session online or in person: $100/hr

Bodywork is an intelligent method of applying massage for the body. Ricky styles combines aromatherapy, myofacial meridians, acupressure, gua sha and cranial-sacral technique.

Ricky specialises in pain relief, posture correction, muscle activation, healing from trauma and developing strength by stabilising joints.

One session of bodywork comes in three different phases:

  • First phase is about Ricky knowing your body, what’s the story that your body is holding on.
  • Second phase is where the magick begins. This phase is not only just Ricky guiding/working on you, but also you need to use your deep breath to work internally.
  • The last phase is about bringing you back to the present moment and giving you homework so that your healing process become faster and sustainable.

Chi Nei Tsang

In person session: $120

Chi means energy and Nei Tsang means organ. Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal bodywork which works directly on navel, abdominal and it's organ where stress, tension and unprocessed negative emotions that repressed throughout the life. Chi Nei Tsang also addresses all the body systems: digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive and muscular-skeletal.

Benefits of Chi Nei Tsang:

  • Stimulates internal organs
  • Detoxifies internal organs
  • Reduce bloating and treats irritable bowl syndrome
  • Help to relieve body excesses / stagnation
  • Stimulating circulatory and lymphatic system
  • Realigned the body caused by visceral imbalance
  • Relieve emotional Tension
  • Help you to know yourself better

How does it works?

Ricky will make sure you are ready to receive the deep work by caressing all over the body especially neck and shoulder. Then he directly works on the abdomen using a special blend of oil that he made himselft. After the abdominal work done, Ricky will caress you all over again to distribute the chi all over the body.

How to prepare before Chi Nei Tsang:

Do not eat at least 90 minutes before your session. This treatment should not be done during menstruation, pregnant, fever or cancer.